Who we are

Located in the heart of The Circle, an integral part of the Zurich Airport, the Rotary Club Zurich Circle International is a dynamic, international, diverse and multi-cultural club which reflects the global outlook of Zurich as well as the region around the Zurich Airport. RCZCI offers a platform for all Rotarians to connect and, given the club’s location, provides a unique opportunity for local Rotarians as well as Rotarians travelling through Zurich to meet.

RCZCI enables businesses, professionals and communities to be of service to others.

Our main attributes are :
•    Diversity in nationality, profession and generation
•    An international community of shared values
•    Platform to enhance international Rotary Fellowship
•    Creative opportunities to support others
•    Offering ownership of sustainable local, regional, global projects
•    Commitment to high ethical standards*
•    Social activities, humor, friendship and personal satisfaction

  • *I can be trusted
    The 5 values test (Past President Rl Robert R. Barth (1993-1994)
    I can be trusted
    I am reliable
    I am available
    I give more than I take
    I add value

The members of RCZCI reflect the energy and dynamic vibrancy of The Circle.

Our main goals are:
•    Provide service above self
•    Create value through hands-on service projects
•    Generate global grant fundraising projects
•    Create an environment of inspiration and goodness
•    Connect with fellow Rotarians in transit
•    Give room for ideas
•    Place of enjoyment
•    A place to be!