Children Right to Sight, Cairo

Monday, July 11, 2022

Daniela Beyrouti, Claudia Neuenschwander

The CRTS project aims to conduct a total of 700 eye operations for children Up to 18 years through a Fiscal year The Average Cost of each operation is around 2500 EGP (USD 160) Rotary Club of Kasr El Nile is targeting an annual Fund of 2,000,000 EGP (USD 130k). The project is carried out in collaboration with Local hospitals. Our Partners are: Dar El Oyoun Hospital, Eye Care Hospital, Nour El Oyoun, and El Maghraby Foundation. The hospitals will do researches and qualify eligible cases by preparing all documents needed to confirm the patient eligibility to receive such a service. The hospitals are responsible of all arrangements to perform operations. The hospitals hire skilled Ophthalmology surgeons who will do the patients’ examination and execute the operations needed in a reduced Special Price. The Hospitals will then send RC KEN the Operations Receipts as well as the needed documents of patients’ eligibility to be revised. The revised Receipts and documents are then to be sent to the Funding CSR Organization Quarterly for claiming the amount of money spent on examination and operations. Follow-up of patients will be provided by hospital for free afterwards

Save the sight of disadvantaged children and women who have no access to affordable medical support