Dinner - Charity Project Workshop

Tuesday, April 25, 2023 18:30 - 21:00 , Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport, The Circle 41-Flughafen, Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport, 8058 Zurich, Schweiz
Website: https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/switzerland/hyatt-regency-zurich-airport-the-circle/zrhrz

Members and external guests 

  • Claudio Viecelli
  • Michèle Gottier
  • Tina Boetsch

Pitching, discussing & voting on the upcoming RCZCI Charity Projects!

Join us to get an update on the charity projects we voted for last semester and to determine which charity projects we'll be dedicated our time, energy and money over the next months. The evening will once again be organised as a workshop, consisting of the following:

  • Updates of existing charity projects by members including business plans and next steps
  • Elevator pitch of new ideas for charity projects by members and external guests, you invite

Finally we will vote on a selection of national and international charity projects. This workshop should also help prepare for any voting pertaining to financing needed in the General Assembly.

Prepare Your Pitch - Perhaps Invite a Charity Representative

  • Please prepare an update of your charity project in advance.
  • Information to the status quo, the progress made over the last semester, the business plan and how a project will be financed need to be included.
  • Supports i.e. one or two slides, a short video etc. may also be used.
  • Each pitch is time-boxed to 3 minutes, followed by 2 minutes for questions
  • If you'd like to pitch a new project idea, this is also your chance - you could also invite a charity / charity representative to come pitch their cause.

We are looking forward to a interesting evening providing our club with updates and next steps of our ongoing projects as well as success stories of completed projects.

Please inform Michèle Gottier of your charity project idea and of any charity representative you are inviting until Tuesday 18.04.22.


Registration until : Sunday, April 23, 2023 at 11:00 PM

Max. number of participants: 100

CHF 65.- for dinner menu incl. 1 glas of wine  

@vegetarians: please leave us a note in case you wish are vegetarian meal. Thanks.

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