Zauberpark Christmas Partner Event

(Friday, November 24, 2023 18:00 - 22:00) , Starts at Leon's Loft at The Circle Main Plaza

Concert of the famous Band "Juli"

  • Claudia Neuenschwander
  • Stefan Feldmann

RCZCI Christmas Zauberpark Event 


- 18.00  Welcome and Apéro Riché at Leon's Loft at The Circle (inside)

- 19.15  Greetings and short introduction from the Zauberpark Team

- 19.30  Check-In and Walk through the light path of the Zauberpark (Outside!)

- 20.00  Meet at the VIP-Stage "Revier-Bühne" exclusive for Rotary (outside!)

- 20.15  Start "Concert" from the famous Band "Juli" 

- 22.00 End

Partners welcome! First come, first served - max. 40 persons possible!

Tonight we want to enchant you - with the "Zauberpark" - the music- and light-festival of the Zurich Airport. Come along on a journey for all senses - good food and drinks to smell and enjoy, light art to see and a powerful concert to enjoy.

The first part: We meet indoors at the Leon's Loft wine bar for a cozy apéro riché, among ourselves. We then go to the Zauberpark, where we can experience a great concert by the German band “Juli” on the exclusive VIP stage. The inventors of the Zauberpark will visit us befor we start into the park and will bring their Greetings and explanations about the concept.

After that, we dress warm and go on the light walk towards the Stage-Village, where the concert will take place at 20.15. We have for the hole evening exklusiv the VIP-Stage "Revier-Bühne" reserved for our Rotary-Club! Best view for a fantastic concert.

Be aware - the second part takes place outside - we ask you to wear warm clothes from head to toe. Time to take out your fur shoes again!


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