Hotel Dieu, Lebanon - Global Grant projects I & II

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Daniela Beyrouti, Peter Schnell, Claudia Neuenschwander

In 2021 we completed our global Grant project in cooperation with the RC Beirut Cosmopolitan to provide the financial means to cover open-heart surgery for at least six children.  The operations were done free of charge by the cardiatric heart surgeons of the Hospital Hotel Dieu and our contribution paid for the hospital costs resulting in a total of CHF 40’000. This contribution allowed for 11 heart surgeries to be financed on children who could otherwise not afford it.

We’re going for a second Global Grant with the same partners!

Fundraising progress:

•RCZCI: CHF 4'000

            =>+ CHF 7'200 from The Rotary Foundation
            via our District 2000

•Three French clubs near Geneva: EUR 4'000

         =>+ EUR 7'200 from The Rotary Foundation
         via French District 7800

•RC Zürich City: confirmed participation, amount tba